Il Misericorde


A short laundry list of why Il Misericorde was formed and why it is needed for the State of Missouri at this time.

  • Election are rigged via election machines, manipulated voter rolls, compromised election authorities (County Clerks, Board of Elections, and Election Authorities) are bribed by election machine companies, and more in the State of Missouri and far too many knowledgeable and powerful people when informed of this with absolute proof – including prominent Republicans – decided to do nothing. Why?


  • Lawlessness reigns in the State of Missouri – in our major cities, in our towns, in our counties, and in Jefferson City. The Republican Party and The Democratic Party, a UniParty based on their actions, have completely abandoned the People. They do not work for us and so relying on them or expecting anything from them is foolish. They are the ENEMY OF THE PEOPLE based on their actions and inactions.


  • Every year the legislature, that is controlled by Republicans, fails to do anything of substance to fix our problems and the attacks we are under. It has the feeling of a baseball team throwing a game. The Cities are burning under the “Progressive” “leadership”. They sure seem to take care of themselves though, don’t they?


  • Western Civilization, Christianity, and traditional values are under attack at an alarming rate in what appears to be a coordinated attack by a coordinated, global enemy. Our local “leaders” are either incompetent or in on it. With stolen elections, one has to assume the later or intentional incompetence – this is what we will find out.


  • We are under attack from Washington D.C., through coordinated foreign invaders under the guise of  “refuge” immigrants, from evil corporations who poison us and groom our children, and from degenerate ”teachers” in public education whose intentions to indoctrinate children and direct their sexual preferences are blatantly obvious. The federal government is completely out of control. Yet, our elected “conservative”  politicians and “conservative” political party does nothing substantial to stop any of it. The party that calls itself ”liberal” doesn’t care about civil rights one bit or law and order. It goes beyond the realm of logical belief that they are THIS BAD. They are owned and corrupt is the only logical answer.


  • Too many truths are not known by the general public and the consequences of these truths are not fully appreciated. In order to raise the anger to the level it needs to be to see Justice, the general public needs to know what the mainstream media in Missouri refuses to report.


  • They do not fear us and that won’t change until we make them feel pain, through legal and peaceful means. The sad reality is grown adults need to be spanked, proverbially, like little children as they behave like them.

Dear Corrupt “Leaders” of Missouri and their handlers, We are Coming for you. We will destroy you.