Il Misericorde


We ask that every Christian pray for the success of Il Misericorde in Missouri. Specifically we ask that you pray for:

      • The protection and well being of people providing tips to Il Misericorde and our whistleblowers.


      • The protection and well being fo all members of Il Misericorde who are fighting for the People of the State of Missouri.


      • The success of our operations at getting to the truth of who is controlling our state and local governments through election fraud facilitated via blackmail and corrupt donations/bribes.


      • That those with knowledge of the unethical, illegal, and immoral workings of those in power in Missouri step forward to help bring Justice and restore Law & Order.


      • That the hearts of the evil and self serving are softened, that they resign and go away to avoid the unpleasantness of Justice that must be brought if they do not.


      • That God helps us to destroy the corrupt cabal that has seized control of our State and keep them out of our borders for the remainder of time.


      • That we, the People of Missouri, have the fortitude, courage, and integrity to not blink when it comes time stand up to the revealed monsters and their underlings that run the State of Missouri.