Il Misericorde

To Democrats & Liberals

We do not always share the same values, but the larger ones – we believe we do share those when we look outside of the manipulations and propaganda of Oligarchs and their media that constantly seek to divide us.

We are fighting an enemy that controls both of our political parties. An enemy that is stealing elections and putting radical extremists who are incompetent and corrupt in office that are destroying your cities, suburbs, and rural Democrat areas.

The “elected” Republicans are just as terrible and we acknowledge that. We are working to expose it all and fix it all.

This is not a time period to worry about our petty disagreements – this is a time period to unite around destroying the Oligarch owned infiltrators and pawns. This is not a time to be led by your pride, arrogance, smugness, or sense of superiority over those you disagree with. What we allege herein is true.

Despite what hateful propaganda has been said about Patriotic Conservative Americans, we are aligned on the issues and concerns of the moderate Democrats and Liberals more so than the media or politicians will tell you. We can argue about how to solve these problems and work to find compromise after we handle the corrupt cabal(s) puppeteering the institutions around us.

We welcome alliances and working together with the Democrats and Liberals that want the Democratic Party back.

We have more to lose divided, as they want us to be, than united. We act in good faith and we hope that you will.