Il Misericorde


The corruption in Missouri, in our cities, our towns, our counties, in Jefferson City, and in our institutions
has exploded or it has been terrible for a long time and many of us have been willfully blind to it.

Regardless, Il Misericorde welcomes tips from anyone who has knowledge of wrongdoings at any level that are occurring in the State of Missouri, that are connected to the State of Missouri, or that Missouri is negatively affected by.

We are looking to expose public/government corruption, dishonesty, incompetence, undue influence (bribery), corrupt systems, unethical or immoral behavior, or anything against the interests of the People of the State of Missouri.

We are equal opportunity in our pursuit of Justice. No one is above God’s Laws or the Laws of Man. Whether its a Republican in Jefferson City, a council member in St. Charles, a Sheriff in a rural MO county, or a Democrat in St. Louis or Kansas City, a corporate leader anywhere in the state, or a small contractor lying to or hurting his clients, all of them deserve to be exposed if they are not acting ethically, morally, or legally.

Email us at and we will reply to all credible and well meaning tips.