Il Misericorde


The reality is you can’t fight a “war” – which this is – without money.

Yes, they have more resources than we do. They have the system locked up and they have loyalists that are paid off nihilists losers. There is an uphill battle here. But we are stronger. There are more of us. They are entitled, lazy, arrogant, and dumb.

What we have is heart, values, dreams, loyalty to God, love of our families and traditions, what we honestly earn with our own two hands, our values, our morality, and God’s support and love.

We still need money to defeat them.

Transparency & Honesty

We intend to be as transparent as we can be to build trust. Realize, we will open our bank accounts to any donor upon a request, but we will redact who we are paying money to if it reveals our strategies and plans.

We fully realize that trust is lost in most institutions. We fully realize that full transparency is what is most desired. Unfortunately, we are fighting a war, and we must be pragmatic first here. We do not want the enemy knowing our plans or objectives so some flows of money must be redacted in disclosures.

We want to win. We will win.

What We Ask

This organization will be ran like a business that needs to accomplish goals with your money or it has failed.

In order to run an organization that can defeat the enemy, we need continuous cash flow.

We ask that you donate a fixed amount each month – no matter how small it is. This helps us budget our capabilities well and maximize our effectiveness in accomplishing our goals.

To those with deeper pockets – not trying to be rude here but you won’t have anything if these people get their way. We kindly request that you help us with large monthly recurring donations so we can maximize our effectiveness in fighting these monsters.