Il Misericorde


We need and welcome unpaid volunteers. It’s important that you understand that if you make a commitment to our organization, you will be expected to keep it. The only way to win against these monsters is to have accountability at every level. This is an intense organization with ambitious goals and not a determination to win – but an obsession. Our freedom, our liberty, our values, our history, our traditions, our honor in being a Christian Nation is at stake.

We are ran like an effective and competent military or corporate organization. We don’t suffer fools lightly. That being said, there is a role for everyone and we will help you find it. We just want you to reach your full potential and place you where you are best suited. Come at this with humility and a charitable intent and everything will work out fine.

If you want to help and work the very best, please fill out the form below. We will contact you ASAP to discuss where you will be a fit.

Please realize that since some degree of secrecy is required to win, you are not going to be privy to every strategy upon joining the organization – and you may never be. Humble yourself and add value to the cause. It’s more important than any of us individually are.