Il Misericorde


We know you are nervous, we know you want Justice, and we are here to provide resources and assist you – whether you simply want to provide knowledge for us to follow up on anonymously or if you want to come forward and expose the corruption or ethical/moral issues you are experiencing in the institution or with the person you have knowledge. We will respect your choices and be grateful for the risks you are taking. We pride ourselves on our treatment of Whistleblowers and our reputation is based on looking out for those who step up with courage to change the corruption that is swallowing the State of Missouri. No one is special in our view.

No one gets a pass for ethical, moral, or legal crimes. We will pursue them all.

For Most Whistleblowers

For most Whistleblowers in Missouri, emailing us with your information at will be sufficient for successful delivery and protecting the Whistleblower.

For those who believe they have very sensitive information, are high level or in a sensitive position themselves, and those who simply want to take more precautions, please see the additional suggestions and methods below.

Additional Recommendations for Contacting Us

The following are additional ideas to protect yourself and your information, all dependent on your level of concern for retaliation and the gravity of what you are sharing.
    • Create a throw-away email account to contact us with and utilize a fake name. Google, Yahoo, MSN, and others will allow you to do this and its the same as creating a new email address – you simply don’t provide your real information to do so,
    • Buy a “burner” prepaid phone. These are available at a lot of independent wireless stores, some gas stations, and online. The safest is to pay cash with it. We will reimburse you if your information is deemed of value and your safety considered a major concern based on what you know. You can then leave the number to call us with and will reach out.
    • You are always welcome to provide your real name and contact information if you are not afraid of retaliation or blowback.

    • We recommend not sharing much online or digitally. While Missouri is likely not the epicenter of digital surveillance, it may become as we work to unravel the corrupt system in place.

Please submit your real or alias information below and we will reach out. We will never aggressively ask for you name or real contact information over the phone.. Most likely, our Executive Director, Andrew Polacek, will be the one contacting you. He has a nasally voice with a St. Louis accent. Based on what you are wanting to do next, we will contact you to find a time to meet in person or have a call. We do not recommend sharing your real name or contact information digitally given the chance of it being intercepted or hacked.