Il Misericorde


Il Misericorde is a bipartisan, Patriotic, conservative and traditionally focused 501(c)(3), IRS tax exempt nonprofit entity that was established to be a conduit for information gathering, investigations, distribution of knowledge, and defending whistleblowers in the State of Missouri.

Our goal is to unravel the theorized organized criminal cabal that runs the State through the UniParty system, very likely globalist Oligarch funded, that misrepresents its intentions and abuses the trusts of the electorate through its control of so many individuals, groups, and institutions.

We follow the law, however, we anticipate disingenuous attacks from the criminal narcissistic sociopaths as they always accuse someone else of what they do.

Our activities include, but are not limited to:

    • Defense of Tipsters & Whistleblowers & Financial Support for them when needed
    • Uncovering election fraud, removing fraudulent election machines, and promoting the restoration of the legitimacy our elections through paper ballot hand counting
    • Investigations of immoral, unethical, or criminal conspiracies, networks, and actions
    • Providing legal assistance to other groups and individuals who uncover unacceptable situations
    • Suing public and private entities and individuals who refuse to do the right thing when confronted
    • Aggressively distributing our findings to the general public
    • Forcing law enforcement and prosecutors to do their jobs or facing legal consequences for not doing so
    • Inflicting as much pain as possible on the terrible human beings and organizations who have selfishly seized control of power and resources in our State for their own purposes

We are united: City, suburbia, small town, and rural. Patriots for the defense of the great The State of Missouri, her People, and her future.


Andrew Polacek
Executive Director

Mr. Polacek was born and raised in the Saint Louis area but spent a considerable amount of time in rural Missouri camping, fishing, and enjoying the outdoors. His career endeavors have been in finance and tech, where he saw firsthand many of the corrupt ways of the finance and tech elites – which has managed to find its way firmly into politics as well.

After spending more than two years attempting to work with great organizations like Freedom Principle MO lobbying Jefferson City for common-sense conservative and traditional legislation and working on election integrity with key figures around the movement including Mike Lindell’s Cause of America, Mr. Polacek came to the conclusion that an organized cabal of Republicans and Democrats combined with globalist and local corrupt money men are corruptly rigging elections and ensuring the People’s will is not being done.

Mr. Polacek recognized the same narcissistic, sociopathic, dishonest and self-serving weasel behaviors in so many of the politicians and “leaders” in Missouri in their nonsense speak and their pathetic action that he saw in “high finance” and in the tech industry fairly early on and these people did nothing to deter him against this conclusion. It appears that portions of the judicial system and the law enforcement, even at the local levels, have elements of extreme corruption, incompetence, and nihilism as well.

The only answer to this situation is to show the People the corruption by exposing them and after many conversations with others in the State who saw the same thing and felt the same way, he founded Il Misericorde to expose the “elite” class and make them fear the People again. James O’Keefe, founder of Project Veritas, was a major influencer and trailblazer for the organization.

Board of Directors

A Board of Directors will be formed after the first six months of the organization’s existence to act as a check against the Executive Director. Their names will be listed here once they are appointed.

Organizational Structure

As we are in a time of crisis, the organization shall be controlled and the Board of Directors shall be appointed by Andrew Polacek for three years from its inception. Andrew Polacek may not remove Board of Directors without a majority vote of them in support of removal.

After these three years are up, the donors shall vote on the Executive Director and Board of Directors of the organization.


The Executive Director and the Board receive zero compensation for their work. They do receive reimbursement for all reasonable expenses related to the organization’s business – as approved by the Executive Director.