Il Misericorde

Deus Vult!

The State of Missouri should be governed by its People. It is clearly NOT at the moment.


We welcome all tips related to the following issues in Missouri:

  • Election fraud
  • Coordinated public or private corruption
  • Corporate corruption
  • Bureaucratic corruption
  • Political bribery or undue influence
  • Any other unethical, illegal, or immoral behavior from ”leaders” in the State


Il Misericorde is here to protect you.

We are a Missouri and USA Patriot organization focused in ridding the state of corruption, unethical behavior, and abuse of power in any form. We can provide a network of connected individuals, attorneys, and fundraising to assist you or your family in any negative ramifications from your courage. If you choose to go public with what you know or have experienced, we will make sure your sacrifice is not in vain by sharing it when the mainstream media will not. We will force officials, through exposure and litigation, to take action. We urge you to act out of integrity and courage to help us in saving our beloved state.

We do not disclose Whistleblower identity or share stories without permission. We will protect your privacy and anonymity if that is your wish.

Featured Videos

Introduction to IM

Andrew Polacek introduces Il Misericorde.


St. Charles Co. FAIL

Starting at 45:34, watch SCC Election Authority and the County Council try to brush away a serious election issue.

Who is Richard Callow?

A LOT more to this story than being told. Who is this Richard Callow individual? Why is everyone afraid of him?