Il Misericorde


We don’t intend to share much of HOW we intend to come after the enemy on a public website, but some general ideas of our operations and strategy include:

      • Generating a massive war chest from donations from concerned everyday citizens. We aren’t interested in donations from large corporations, Oligarchs or their agents, or any entity we simply don’t trust which is most. We are PURISTS on this at this time of history.

      • Providing resources, legal protection, and fundraising efforts for Whistleblowers both to protect them and to signal to future Whistleblowers that we will not abandon them if they act on their courage and conscience. We will actively raise money for their legal and personal expenses and reward them, through the generosity of our followers and donors, for their courage and sacrifice. We will make them whole and build them up as they deserve.

      • Using that war chest to fund investigations into existing politicians, aspiring politicians, their corrupt funders and handlers, locally, nationally, and globally. Informing the public of what we find. Doing what journalists USE TO DO until the profession was corrupted beyond apparent repair.

      • Understanding the system that the corrupt UniParty has built so we can work with our allies to destroy them.

      • Sharing information with our allies to help in the defeat and embarrassment of the UniParty and its loyalists.

      • Providing funds to allies and other activists who unveil corruption and need legal resources to force the unethical, corrupt, incompetent, or nihilistic to do their damn jobs or resign.

      • Seeking legal and peaceful retribution through protests, lawsuits, and applications of the law to the individuals and organizations that act as ENEMIES OF THE PEOPLE of Missouri.

To the Corrupt in Missouri

      • We are coming for you. We are Christians and men and women of conscious with charity in our hearts but this is Jesus in the Temple and its your turn to see what happens when you go too far with your evil and selfish ways. Buckle up, this is the beginning of the end for you. That is a promise. Deus Vult!


      • Enjoy your laugh. Your assets will be seized and you will rot in a prison cell – we will have the last laugh.


      • For every one of us you hurt or “take out” – 10 more will rise in his or her place. You already lost.


      • We welcome those who have seen the light and want redemption. Confess and join us. There are a lot of terrible people in the State to expose and ruin.