Il Misericorde

On Sunday, July 23rd, a 6 year old special needs child was molested in the St. Louis Hills neighborhood of St. Louis, MO. The action was allegedly committed by an illegal immigrant. To date, the City, the police department, and the media have not reported that it was a special needs child or that the alleged perpetrator was an illegal immigrant. It’s not hard to understand why: it doesn’t make them look good and it reveals the evoling national emergency around illegal immigration which one political party seems to be in full support of while the other provides mere lip service to actually stopping the open borders situation.

Whats more, two other boys who the alleged perpetrator previously attempted to abduct had filed a police report with two officers who listed the situation as “no crime.” Those officers should be fully investigated and disciplined. Our guess at Il Misericorde is they will not be.

Any elected official, bureaucrat, law enforcement officer, or person in a position of power that puts their politics and its associated narratives ahead of public safety and defending the innocent has a dark stain of vile corruption and nastiness imprinted on their very soul and has no business in any form of leadership anywhere.

Il Misericorde is calling for a throurough investigation of this situation in its entirity including the suppression of facts to the general public.

Not expecting any of the players involved to do the right thing, as they rarely, if ever, do, you can expect IM and its allies to work to bring this to light and expose those who put their self interest and politics above basic public safety and truthful reporting.

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