Il Misericorde

July 28th, 2023

Dear Fellow Missourian,

My name is Andrew Polacek and I am a 42 year old landlord and entrepreneur that lives in South City St. Louis. Thanks for visiting the Il Misericorde (or “IM”) website and for your interested in who and what IM is. I founded IM as I am fed up with the never-ending bullshit and gaslighting from the political establishment, the bureaucrats, the political consultant class, the lobbyists, and their narcissistic and sociopathic puppet master funders who run this state, our counties, our towns, and our cities as if they are their own little fiefdoms while they and The People suffer.

I spent two and a half years working through the system as a grassroots activist trying to push for effective election integrity and a host of other conservative, MAGA, Patriotic causes. As many of you know, our legislature is Republican in Name Only. They are solely owned assets of the wealthy and the powerful both locally, state-wide, nationally, and globally. They are not responsive to our needs and wishes and they have absolutely no fear of us whatsoever. They have no fear as the system that should hold them to account has been nearly completely captured and they apparently know this based on their actions and inactions.

Lobbying as a citizen does not work as they don’t view Citizens as their boss, the guys that write the checks are their bosses in their minds – and they consistently show us this. They don’t care to fix election integrity – in fact they won’t even acknowledge the clear evidence that it exists. They won’t protect children, they won’t protect healthcare rights, they won’t protect our food supply, they won’t tackle crime issues in the major cities, and they can’t even be bothered to fix the massive number of expired license plates throughout the state. They are either useless losers and nihilists acting alone for self interest, massively incompetent, or they are, as we believe, assets of wealthy and powerful men, women, and organizations and not representatives of you and I as they are supposed to be.

I have seen corruption in Osage, St. Charles, St. Louis, and St. Louis City counties, at the State level, in the state’s bureaucracies, by our Supreme Court and its appendages, by the liberal media in St. Louis and the conservative media all over the state. I have seen enforcers of laws and prosecutors of laws not enforce the laws due to political pressure, laziness, and apathy. I have seen incompetence, selfishness, and narcissism that is off the charts from a historical perspective. I know the system is not functioning properly and they do as well. You can’t expect a cabal of corrupt actors to do anything to fix their system – they benefit far too much from it.

Given what many of us know, the only way to restore this system and to bring to Justice the subhuman jerks that sold their souls to be a part of it is to investigate, infiltrate, expose, legally harass, and litigate to make the offender’s lives a living hell until they change sides and join us, resign, or go to jail (or worse), where so many of them belong.

We are at war as it has been declared on us. It is a new kind of war, but make no mistake, it is a war. Wars take money, people, strategy, and determination to win. They also take a fierce, unwavering, merciless, and disciplined approach. I come from career fields that serve the puppet masters – I know their tricks, their schemes, and their Machiavellian ways. Together, we will beat them and decisively.

I need your help to accomplish this task. Volunteers, ongoing monetary donations, Whistleblowers, Tips, and more must all come together to form an organization that is well equipped to take on the political and economic cabal that hold our entire state in its clutches and intends to tighten the grip even more in the coming years and decades. The time to stand up was decades ago, but now we must make up for lost time. Please consider helping IM however you can. I am unable to do this alone and I certainly can’t fund the operations we need to have running to beat them. Please have courage and please have generosity in your heart to help me and those who work with me take on these impediments to actual progress in our state. If not for yourself, help for the cause of your children and grandchildren. As things are not going well and they are only going to get worse for them if we do not right this ship.

God bless and pray for our State and its People. We need it to defeat this entrenched and vile enemy.

Deus Vult!


Andrew D. Polacek
Executive Director
Il Misericorde

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