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At Il Misericorde, we won’t openly name names until we have definitive proof. Defamation lawsuits are problematic and when the vile, corrupt and evil use defamation laws – like any laws they utilize – they typically do it to bully the righteous and decent from reporting the TRUTH on them. As many of us know, it is often times fairly easy to KNOW something based on patterns – even before you have definitive proof.

Setting the stage for this writing, let’s do some “hypothetical” imagery of the control system in the City of St. Louis and likely beyond based on knowledge we already have.

Imagine there is a publicist – who is a bit more than that – who lives with his attorney “girlfriend” in downtown St. Louis, Missouri. Imagine that this “couple” is actually two closeted homosexuals who don’t much care for the City, State, or World as it currently is and seek to remake it in their image. An image of corruption, power, faux morality, and contrived criticism of others and our systems – all for their own personal benefit of course.

Imagine that this publicist has been controlling both the press and the politicians for a certain wing of a certain political party for decades, resulting in the actual news not being published and a Machiavellian puppeteering of the politicians based on his control of the media and the information that he is privy too.

Imagine that this publicist takes money under the table in undocumented agreements or contracts in violation of Missouri and Federal campaign financing and bribery laws. Imagine that this publicist has been harassing a high-powered real estate attorney and real estate investor for decades to join his system and this individual both rebuffed him and started providing information to others about this individual and his illicit and immoral activities against the interest of The People.

How, one might ask, could a simple publicist achieve such a massive amount of information on individuals to control them so well? Especially considering the fact that while not poor, he is not exactly of a wealth class to be able to afford an operation that could generate this level of information needed to blackmail the individuals and institutions that he controls.

One might start to wonder if this individual might have connections or be the agent of federal agencies working to achieve some nefarious goal – as there are only so many institutions in the world that have access to enough data to easily be able to blackmail so many people.

One might start to wonder if this individual has his hooks in portions of the opposing political party or if he has a contemporary running similar schemes against the opposing party. Could this individual possibly have his hooks into a certain County Executive of one of Missouri’s wealthiest and “conservative” counties – it stands to reason give that he is funded by the same people who fund his alleged adversaries on the other side. Could a former Senator who dropped out of a race for County Executive possibly have been blackmailed by this individual to do so?

These are all questions Il Misericorde (“IM”) intends to answer, presuming the above-described situation exists (it does) and the imagine allegations against the individual and his “girlfriend” are true (they almost certainly are). By doing so, we will get closer to the truth of who, what, and how of the corrupt and immoral individuals and institutions that run the State of Missouri in their unholy cabal.

We need your donations, your time, your Tips, and your Whistleblowers to accomplish tasks like this. We will continue to keep you informed as we learn new things.

Il Misericorde

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