Il Misericorde

Il Misericorde Approved by IRS as a Tax Exempt Entity

Il Misericorde is proud to announce that we have been approved by the Internal Revenue Service as a 501(c)(3) tax exempt entity for federal taxation purposes. This will allow for greater options for contributions from those interested in taking on public and private corruption in Missouri as well as allow for better tax outcomes for […]

The Lies About Child Molestation in STL City

On Sunday, July 23rd, a 6 year old special needs child was molested in the St. Louis Hills neighborhood of St. Louis, MO. The action was allegedly committed by an illegal immigrant. To date, the City, the police department, and the media have not reported that it was a special needs child or that the […]

The Imagined Puppet Master of STL and Beyond….

At Il Misericorde, we won’t openly name names until we have definitive proof. Defamation lawsuits are problematic and when the vile, corrupt and evil use defamation laws – like any laws they utilize – they typically do it to bully the righteous and decent from reporting the TRUTH on them. As many of us know, […]

The Launch of Il Misericorde

July 28th, 2023 Dear Fellow Missourian, My name is Andrew Polacek and I am a 42 year old landlord and entrepreneur that lives in South City St. Louis. Thanks for visiting the Il Misericorde (or “IM”) website and for your interested in who and what IM is. I founded IM as I am fed up […]